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Rainbow help!

Where should I hang my crystals?
    East windows for morning rainbows, West windows for afternoon rainbows, and South windows for the inbetween hours. Fall, Winter and Spring are prime rainbow times because the sun is low on the horizon. In the summer there are fewer rainbow hours because the sun passes more directly overhead.

How do I hang them?
    Try and face the flattest part of the crystal toward the sunshine stream, this will maximize your rainbows. You may need to put a little twist in the lanyard where it attached to your crystal to accomplish this. You will notice that the crystals will fit through the lanyards upper loop. This allows the crystal to be looped over a curtain rod or similar type hanger. We also screw small hooks above the window sill to hang them on. We do not recommend hanging them on the suction cup hangers ( we have seen a number of them come loose possibly allowing the crystal to be damaged).

What! no rainbows?
    Even  premium crystals need the power of the sun to release their magic. If no direct sunlight touches these crystals they will still be a magnificent window ornament.Try moving them around to find the sunshine stream.

I want big rainbows!
    The largest rainbows are produced by crystals with the largest facets. But the real trick to large rainbows is distance and angle. The farther a rainbow travels without striking a wall the more expansion occurs and the larger the rainbow. The angle it hits a wall or object also affects its size and shape as much as any other factor.

What is the best rainbow maker?
    It seems with everything there is a tradeoff. The more facets the more rainbows, but the more facets the smaller the facet, meaning smaller rainbows. I personally like a crystal with deep facet cuts like the Heart(8 facets) Octagon (16 facets) and Pendant(9 facets), it may have fewer rainbows than a pear(about 40 facets) for example, but they become larger rainbows without traveling so far. The 50mm Eye is a great compromise between facet quantity and facet size. You can always have more rainbows by adding additional crystals.

My rainbows are dim. Why?
    Our crystals produce bright, brilliant, rainbows when placed in direct sunlight. The manufacturer, Swarovski, makes the finest crystals in the world. They are made from machine cut and polished 30 % lead crystal. The lead content is the key to their super high refractive index, producing beautiful rainbows.
If your rainbows are dim, we have seen high clouds and severe air pollution diminish the purity of the sun arriving to the crystals creating a washed out rainbow. Darkening the ambiente light in a room is a big help. Venetion style blinds cut out a lot of light but still allow a good quantity of rainbows to shine through.

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